Getting Started

In order to use the API you'll first need to retrieve your tokens, which are located in the Account Settings API area of the Warp Console.


Our PHP or C# SDKs allow you to hit the ground running. They include example code for uploading, recording, streaming, and browsing videos.


Whether you're using PHP, C#, or going straight to our SOAP API. You'll find all the documentation here.

Have Questions?

Don't worry, we're here to help! E-mail support@warphd.com or fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you right away.

API & SDK Documentation

Here you'll find documentation for most of the more important features of our API. We have example code for using our SOAP calls directly, as well as example usage for our C# and PHP libraries.

Video Management WSDL: http://manage.infinovation.com/soap/v2/video/
  • For browsing, searching, uploading, updating and playing back of videos.
  • AuthToken WSDL: https://secure.infinovation.com/soap/v1/authtoken/
  • Some API calls require an expiring authentication token which is generated using your account key over a secure port. Use this WDSL to generate it.
  • Advertising Support

    Warp has partnered with adap.tv to help you monetize your content. Adap.tv is the industry leader in video advertising and provides a powerful ad campaign management back-end.

    To get started, simply sign up for a publisher account with adap.tv ( http://www.adap.tv/publisher_signup.html ). Once your adap.tv account is setup, enable advertisements in the "Account Settings" area of your Warp console and plug in your adap.tv account key.

    For more information and advanced configuration options, check out the Warp Advertising Guide

    More to come! We have a lot of writing to do. For now you should go to our downloads section and check out the example code. You'll probably be able to do everything you want using the example code. If not you can always e-mail us.